Recognizing the importance of a strong and vibrant civil society, DT works with new and existing organizations to build capacity and encourage citizen participation in the political process. To increase the role of civil society, DT fosters links between these organizations and government.

Participating in grassroots civil society organizations allows citizens to contribute to the political process, thereby developing a more active, engaged, and representative citizenry. Civil society organizations, including both NGOs and informal groups, can provide a crucial link in connecting citizens with government officials and are often the catalyst behind progressive development.


Establishing effective, trustworthy, and responsive public sector institutions is essential for a state to provide goods, services, and security to its people. DT works with all branches of government – from rural mayors and council members to national representatives and the executive office – to enhance the efficiency and operational structure of government institutions.

In order to create a government that is respected by its citizenry for its ability to deliver services, DT provides staff services and development, constituent relations, and overall accountability and transparency.


Supporting institutions
Strategic communications
Advocacy campaigns
Staff development
Local and national government support
Small grants
Civil society assessment
Strategic planning
Coalition development
Institutional capacity building