DT's work in Syria Continues

October 9th, 2018

DT is pleased to announce a one-year extension to the Civil Society in Syria Program, known locally in Syria as Wiaam (وئام). Under the US State Department Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, Office of Assistance Coordination (NEA/AC), this extension to Wiaam will continue DT’s provision of institutional and capacity building support to new and nascent civil society actors in Eastern Syria, particularly in Raqqa City and surrounding countryside, Deir Ezzor, and Ain Issa. DT’s current work with Syrian civil society supports their capacity to implement quick, high-impact activities for essential community services to bring a sense of normalcy and improved quality of life back to areas recently liberated from ISIS. In response to the overwhelming need to address services as a component to preventing the return of violent extremist organizations, a representative from the CSO Badaya recently stated “… It’s our responsibility to take part in the recovery of our hometown and to help prevent new cycles of community violence that might emerge as a result of the overwhelming needs.” Lamia Suleiman- CEO of Bedaya Organization.

Thus far, DT’s support to civil society in Eastern Syria has supported the rehabilitation of water and irrigation pumping stations to renew the area’s agricultural potential; rubble removal from houses and public spaces to facilitate the return of the local population; painting over ISIS graffiti on walls in public areas and schools; facilitating the first coordination conference in Raqqa between civil society and the Raqqa Civil Council to prioritize responses and allocate the distribution of resources; and coordinating the first workshop to promote and expand women in public service since 2014. DT looks forward to continuing to support civil society actors to build on and expand these achievements in Eastern Syria.