DT-Yemen Country Director Speaks at National Dialogue Conference

June 19th, 2013

DT’s Yemen Country Director Hatem Bamehriz was recently invited to speak at the Yemeni National Dialogue Conference (NDC) in Sanaa. The formation of the NDC was part of the 2011 Gulf Cooperation Council-brokered settlement that ended former President Saleh’s rule in Yemen and facilitated the transfer of power to a new interim government. The 565-member NDC was launched in March 2013 and is due to continue for six months. It is a forum for stakeholders from all sides of Yemeni politics and from traditionally marginalized groups to discuss, among other issues, constitutional reform, federalism, electoral reform, decentralization, and other issues affecting stability in Yemen. At the request of the NDC General Secretariat, DT’s Country Director spoke to the Comprehensive Development Sub-Working Group about how to encourage political development. Specifically, he discussed how to empower politically marginalized groups such as women and youth and how to eradicate corruption in Yemeni politics.