DT to Conduct Data Collection and Analysis in Mauritania

February 21st, 2019

Development Transformations (DT) was awarded a contract under IBTCI's Peace through Evaluation, Learning and Adapting Activity (PELA) to conduct data collection and analysis in Mauritania to help inform USAID/Mauritania and USAID/West Africa future initiatives to counter violent extremist messaging in this region. DT's team in Mauritania recently trained a local partner in the Sensus survey and analysis methodology, and provided a capacity building workshop for data collection on the topics of media and extremist messaging. DT's Sensus-driven data collection and analysis approach will be conducted across Nouakchott, Trarza, Hodh El Gharbi, and Nouadhibou, and Assaba. DT will validate its analysis by hosting Focus Group Discussions in each of the these locations to further synthesize and prioritize perception of the key drivers of extremism and media usage perpetuating it. DT's findings will be incorporated into a PELA report to be used to inform USAID/Mauritania, and USAID/WA's future initiatives in Mauritania and greater West Africa.