DT Director Conducts Kandahar Focus Groups

May 19th, 2016

As part of DT’s support to the poppy eradication efforts of USAID’s Kandahar Food Zone Program (KFZ), DT Director Erik Doman traveled to Kandahar, Afghanistan to conduct focus groups with Afghan farmers affiliated with Community Development Councils. DT designed a customized conflict assessment framework and community engagement program, the Community Based Planning to Support Alternatives to Poppy Cultivation (CBPSA-PC), to identify grievances and drivers of poppy cultivation in the Kandahar region. The results of assessments, focus groups, and a review of the drivers of conflict are used to design better interventions to decrease the drivers of poppy cultivation, while increasing adoption of licit crops and creating more robust market linkages. DT has supported the KFZ program since 2013. Based on initial indications of substantial decreases in cultivation in target communities, KFZ has been granted a two-year extension by USAID during which time DT will expand its participation to other high-risk provinces of Afghanistan.