DT Celebrates 10 Years in International Development

Sloan Mann
October 3rd, 2018

October 3, 2018 marks DT’s 10th anniversary! Over the years we have been extremely fortunate to work on many impactful programs that make a tangible difference to the people we serve. I’m proud of the work DT is doing - we have passionate and committed staff who deeply care about the issues we are tackling in conflict-affected countries around the world.

Our growth and longevity would not be possible without the support and hard work of a lot of people along the way: USAID for giving us our first chance to implement large-scale programs overseas, our small and large partners who believed in us to deliver results on-the-ground, and most importantly, our grantees and beneficiaries who have the courage to realize their ideas and dreams.

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we had a video made highlighting DT’s work. We plan to make the video public on our website Monday, October 29th.