Project Director

Nadia Alami

Nadia Alami is the Program Director for DT’s U.S. State Department-funded Civil Society in Syria Program. Nadia brings 20+ years of experience providing leadership and management for international development programs. She has been recognized for her work in the MENA region on emergency humanitarian responses, governance, health, media, access to information, youth programs, and gender and social inclusion. She has managed more than $50M in large scale contracts in the Middle East, North Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean, working to improve technical assistance programs, financial and budget compliance, client and partner relations, technical design, implementation, and staff oversight.

Nadia established the first Women Alliance in MENA and South Asia with 13 countries and 45 organizations as members. She has extensive experience designing multi-track, public diplomacy programs, and administering governance, civil society, media, anti-corruptions, health, gender, and youth development programs and initiatives. Nadia managed and ran humanitarian response efforts in both Haiti and Syria supporting refugees and displaced populations.

Prior to joining DT, she was the Senior Director of MENA Programs at Palladium where she led senior level regional government interactions in the areas of health, governance, food security, civil society, and strategy execution, among other responsibilities. Nadia holds a B.A. in Communications from American University in Washington, and a M.A. in Conflict Resolution from The Institute of Diplomacy in Jordan. She is fluent in English and Arabic.