Advisory Council Member

Joseph Lombardo

Mr. Lombardo is President of Orenda Group LLC, an international development firm specializing in strategy, organizational capacity development for strategy execution, and performance management. Mr. Lombardo has over three decades’ experience serving in leadership and senior management positions with USAID, NGOs, and consulting firms.

Mr. Lombardo began his international development career as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras, where he worked with local governments and Honduran NGOs to improve housing and urban services for the poor. During his 22-year career with USAID, Mr. Lombardo continued his work initially in low-cost housing and urban development programs and later was involved in designing, implementing and evaluating broad international development policies, strategies, and programs designed to support U.S. foreign policy associated with the military to civilian transitions of power in Central America, the interagency economic restructuring in post-Communist Eastern Europe, and conflict stabilization and reconstruction in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mr. Lombardo directed USAID missions in Latin America, where oversaw the development of interagency strategies to combat the international drug trade in Peru and the massive interagency hurricane reconstruction program in Honduras. In Washington, he played a key role in the development of the Agency’s strategic planning, project development, and performance management policies. As the Agency Director for strategic and performance management, Mr. Lombardo led the formulation, presentation and negotiation with OMB and the Hill of the Agency’s annual budget, development of the joint USAID-U.S. Department of State annual performance report, country development strategy reviews, and overseas mission management assessment program.

After leaving the U.S. Foreign Service, Mr. Lombardo provided expert advice in strategy, project design, organizational capacity development, and evaluation services in Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan and Georgia. He taught interagency strategy courses for the Civil Response Corps at the National Defense University. At the American Institutes for Research, Mr. Lombardo oversaw youth workforce development and basic education programs for at risk children in Brazil and India, respectively. As the Program Director for city-to-city partnerships at the International City/County Management Association, Mr. Lombardo developed municipal programs to improve citizen security in Honduras and strategies to improve the effectiveness of local governments to adapt to climate change. As Vice President for Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning at Palladium, Mr. Lombardo oversaw evaluations of USAID climate change programs, and U.S. State Department programs in citizen security, countering violent extremism, and diplomatic efforts to improve international energy collaboration.

Mr. Lombardo holds a B.A. in Sociology and Psychology from SUNY at Buffalo, an M.A. in educational psychology and statistics from SUNY at Albany, and an M.A. in regional planning from Syracuse University. He currently teaches courses for USAID staff, and provides performance management services to the Department of State and overseas USAID missions. He has authored peer-reviewed journal articles, and other publications on international development topics. Mr. Lombardo is fluent in Spanish, and lived and worked in Latin America for 17 years, as well as having worked in over 30 countries worldwide in Latin America and the Caribbean; Central, South, and Southeast Asia; Sub-Saharan Africa; and Central and Eastern Europe.

Mr. Lombardo resides in Reston, Virginia with his family.